5 Keys to Preparing for the New Year in an uncertain world!

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Get the secret to organizing your life that will create personal peace and accelerate achievement without feeling your life is out of control with too many deadlines, commitments, and demands!

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In this training, you will learn

  • Learn how to create a focus for the new year.
  • ​You will learn more about organizing your life to create personal peace, accelerate achievement, and get more out of your available time per day.
  • ​Gain a roadmap of activities to allow you to have a clear plan of attack to have a more orderly and productive year in 2022.
  • Learn the secret to actually doing what you plan to do and the real reason we all struggle to stay consistent.
  • ​​​Learn a step-by-step approach to creating a clean and orderly space anywhere and at any time.
  • ​Learn how you can better serve the relationships surrounding your life to be more accountable and effective to those that you love and respect.
  • ​Understand the critical role that time and money play in either increasing or reducing the stress in your life.
  • ​Learn how to approach time and money in a way that will create an advantage in your life and give you sustainable peace of mind.
This course is designed for anyone who wants or needs help with creating a focus for the New Year.  

It doesn't matter if it's January 1st or December 31st - we all need some guidance on what steps are necessary when starting something new! 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by too many responsibilities or tasks that seem impossible then this course is perfect for you!
We'll give you step-by-step instructions on how exactly we can accomplish our goals, remove frustration and create peace mind in life and business! 

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Every year we find ourselves confronted with the staggering question, how can I make sure that this year is better than last year? And one thing we can all agree on is we want this year to be better than last year.

The starting point to having a better year begins with getting things in order. What is order? Order is everything in its place functioning properly.

We need order in every area of our life to truly get the most out of our life!

The military, sports teams, and the business world all know the truth about the power of having order in what you do for the best results.

But what about our life? Where in the world do we go to find out how to get our life in order? Did you know some of the best professionals, most successful entrepreneurs, and some of the most popular entertainers are very good at doing things for others, but struggle with how to get their personal life in order?
Ask Yourself…

Have you ever felt like your schedule is all over the place?  

Have you ever felt like you accomplished a whole bunch of nothing?
Is your apartment or home ready for a surprise visit from an unexpected friend or do you need to get some things together?  

Are you on top of your health and fitness goals?  

Are you on course to get your weight and key health indicators under control?  

Are there any health challenges that you know you need to address but deep down inside you feel you are not ready to make the proper changes?  

Do you have an organized approach to managing your money?  

Do you have a financial plan that is clear and gives you a defined approach to eliminating debt and increasing your cash flow?

If you feel you need to improve in any of the above questions, then…this training is for you!

There are some fundamental things we must all do to bring order to our life and make sure that we are managing life and life is not managing us. Make sure you are there when we will reveal them at this important training!

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Michael E. Parker specializes in motivating and inspiring people to strive for excellence in life and in business. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Michael has spoken at over 1,000 events throughout the US, Canada, and the Pacific Rim.

Prior to starting his own companies, Michael worked for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and General Motors and received direct training on the Toyota Production System and Lean Management Philosophy in Japan, Canada, and throughout the United States. In his career, he has managed and led lean management programs for multi-million dollar organizations in both the service and manufacturing industries.

After seeing how lean could be used to improve operations in the manufacturing industry, Michael decided to expand his experience and knowledge to the service industry. He started and expanded more than 10 companies across multiple industries while creating a new management philosophy that built upon the fundamentals of Lean and could be easily applied to the service industry. He called this management approach “Value-Centered Management” and wrote the book, Who Said So? by Wiley Publishing.

This training is included with Elite and Power A-Club Memberships! 
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"The worst thing ever is going to an event and not truly getting something from it.  I don't like when that is done to me and I won't do that to you."

~ Michael E. Parker

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